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Corporations and larger business organizations can benefit greatly from having their own Intranet. This internal company Web Site can provide several solutions to a larger organization, giving specified personnel access to company training, information, and tools, on a private network just like a Website. An Intranet is contained privately within the company, while the Internet is a public medium. Both are viewed with Web Browsers just like you are doing right now — on the Internet.

What Corporations Do With Their Company Intranet

The benefits are outstanding to both the company and their personnel. Training sessions can be available to new employees, and they can go back to access the information again if they forget something. New additions or new changes to company products or services or other information can be accessable to the entire company at the same time. This saves a lot of time and planning and scheduling that would otherwise have to take place for meetings. It also solves the problem for those who can't make it to such a meeting. Of course this involves computer access at work.

Important company information can be put on the company Intranet so that it can be readily accessed as it is needed. This is especially useful with a customer support or sales department. When a customer calls and asks what is the phone number or address for __? or Who is the department contact for __? or any number of other requests for information, it can be quickly at hand.

Other information can be used as tools for certain departments or employees. It is quite valuable for personnel to be able to quickly find information or specifications for a specific item or situation. Imagine the company benefits of this for technical support, sales, or customer service. Graphics and text can be combined to both show and to tell information about a product or service or situation. Company policy and proceedure can also be available on the company Intranet, saving much in time and in circumstances when someone needs to know what to do or when to do something.

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