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In addition to “behind-the-scenes” functionality,
such as the processing of information on Forms,
Dynamic Programming can import Web Page content



Orlando weather feed - click for Forecast

When a Web Page is dynamic, user interactivity with the Web Page is introduced. There are also Dynamic Programming technologies that serve to include changing information that will function with the content on a Web Site – up to and including the customization of user-specific content on the Web Page. Most of the scope of this area deals with the handling of data or information that is passed on from the Web Site's own hosting Web Server.

To make a further point of more that can be done by using Dynamic content on a Web page, take a look at news ticker feed and the weather information that we have included in this Web page. In the case of the Java News Feed above, and the current weather information to the right, they have been programmed to receive their up-to-date information from their sources – on different Web Servers. Many things can be implemented by using Dynamic Web Programming and Dynamic (always changing) information sources.

Some of the things that can be implemented on a Web page include: user login and passwords, search capabilities, news or data feeds, chat and bulletin board postings, and the handling of information from user input on forms and selections. More information about Dynamic Programming can be found here.

Palm Web Design provides the Dynamic Web Programming solutions that enhance your business with the dynamic functionality of your unique business Web Site. We are dedicated to providing viable Web solutions to enhance your business with the appropriate Web tools that you need - for your Return On Investment.

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