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Flash Web Video Solutions

Another area of our expertise is creating Flash Video's. These video files are much the same as other Flash files, such as those used for header graphics, rotational photo displays, and other graphic replacements, except that these contain actual video footage. Special considerations and techniques are used to create these files when dealing with video, above and beyond the best practices of creating other Flash files for the Web.

Flash is the correct choice of video format for today's modern Web Sites because it provides the best in accessibility and capability. Flash is installed on 99% of all Internet enabled computers, as well as other Internet devices, and also tops the list of all players available. It is fully compatible across platforms (operating systems) and all Web browsers.

The capability of Flash is not only the best for creating moving, changing, and transcending graphics and text, but also for including a variety of types of video files so that video may be viewed as a Flash file with its advantages across all those different platforms and Web browsers. We have the ability to convert your video file to a Flash file, whether from a raw digital video (from a camera output), or from windows media player, or a quicktime format.

Examples Of Our Professional Flash Video Design

Most of the Flash video work that we do is for other Web Designers and for other businesses with their own pre-existing Web Sites. We provide the Flash video work as our specialty expertise for them as a project, although we have had nothing to do with design or editing of their Web Site.

  Some Examples Of Our Work For The Golfing Industry:

Video Example 1

Flash Video Example 1

Video Example 2

Flash Video Example 2

Our custom Flash videos are professionally made, and they are Ad Free! Unlike the uploading of your video to some external 3rd party Site, who then also has access and control over it, your Flash video stays directly on your Web Site – where it belongs:
No advertisements are added to your video, and furthermore, your Web Site scores all of the benefits that can be associated with visitors seeing the video from your Web Site.

Our years of experience and expertise will ensure that your project work is done right, done quickly, and done right the first time. Just as we do with other larger Flash files, we incorporate preloading techniques into our Flash video files – in order to accommodate loading time and a positive visitor experience across varied bandwidth conditions.

As we are degreed professionals (specifically in Web Site Design) who keep pace with current Web technology and techniques, we know that there is a right way, a wrong way, and sometimes just a better way to accomplish Web development work. We enjoy creating the remarkable results that Flash Design and Flash video solutions can achieve!

Contact Palm Web Design today,
Have us create the ad free video files that you want on your Web Site from your digital video, or have us convert your windows media player or a quicktime file format to the type of file that is best used and can be seen by 99% of anyone on the Internet.

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