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This Privacy Policy covers our treatment of any computer or personally identifiable information that can be collected when visitors are on any Web Site owned and operated by Palm Web Design. This policy can not apply to the practices of companies or other entities that Palm Web Design does not own or control, or to people who do not work for Palm Web Design, although we do regulate our own content on our own Web Site. Therefore any links that lead to other Web Sites are beyond our coverage or control when visiting another Web Site that is not owned and operated by Palm Web Design. It is our belief that any other Web Site should respect the privacy of information concerning others in the same way that we do, although this is not always the case. We do not support those who would misuse the Internet.


All Internet Web Servers collect computer information regarding the computers that are used to visit them. The practice of collecting this data has been generally standardized by every Web server on the Internet today. This information log consists of information such as the IP address, time and date, operating system, browser type, and properties of the browser such as screen size and whether it has the capabilities to view or display the content of the Web Pages. Other information obtained can be search terms and keywords of how the Web Site was found, and the name or IP address of the Web Site that may have referred you. This information is used to help administer and maintain our Web Site, diagnose problems with, or threats to, our Web server, and to observe statistical information and Web Site traffic.

Personally identifiable information is not sought after by us unless it is needed for our use in doing our business of Web Site Design and Web Development. This type of information is collected with your direct knowledge, through the use of online forms, or from email that you would send to us directly, or through email links on the Web Site. Palm Web Design does not sell or exploit this information to 3rd parties in any way.


We may not always use cookies, however in order to help make our Web Site more responsive to our visitors we may make use of a standard feature of Web browsers called cookies. A cookie resides on your computer in a folder that is specified by the browser that you are using. A cookie is a very small text file that doesn't actually identify the visitor, but rather the computer that a return visitor uses to access a Web Site. A cookie can not read unrelated data from your hard drive. The Web Site reads the cookie text file only, and it is done to recognize return users for things such as user preferences or username logins or things that can enhance the responsiveness of the Web Site for the user. The only personally identifiable information that a cookie can possibly contain is information that you supply. Again, Palm Web Design, LLC does not sell or exploit this information in any way.


If you have any questions about this privacy statement or the practices of this Web Site, you may contact Palm Web Design from our Contact page.

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