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We Are Unique;
Some Of The Differences Of Palm Web Design

Why Does a Degreed Professional Make a Difference?

Depending on who you ask, you will get different answers to this important question. There are very few people who actually have pursued and achieved a college degree specifically in Web Design.

That is because the bulk of "Web Designer's" do not enter the field with any intent of specializing in Web Site Design. Rather, they gravitate into the Web field either from other backgrounds (that make up a small part of what Web Design really consists of), or they are looking to make a quick buck from those who don't know the difference.

There are some who think that graphic design is Web Design, and it is not. Web Site Design requires a "bigger toolbox" than just one area of skill. Self teaching is not enough either, as the Web field consists of many areas of skill and talent and things that are needed to know in order to create quality, effectiveness, and functionality in a Web Site.

Those without a degree will tell you that it doesn't matter. They need to defend their position because in their mind they are stuck with the limitations they have. They have no concept of what earning the degree does for your knowledge, expertise, and abilities, and no idea of what the vast areas of Web Site Design are, let alone how to work with it.

Those who are dedicated enough to earn the degree can tell you that it does make a significant difference in both the overall understanding of concepts, technology, and modern methods, as well as the specific knowledge and skills in the many things that professional Web Design consists of. It is much more than just graphics and HTML.

A degreed professional knows what to do, as well as what not to do, in a variety of areas of designing a Web Site. They know more of what is possible to achieve, and the best ways to achieve the desired results. They know about writing proper code (in several languages), and how to de-bug code that doesn't work. They know how things work, how to integrate, and how to employ security, structure, and best practices. This saves you from poor design, poor performance, and paying for wasted time. It can also provide you with ways of doing things that you or a self taught designer didn't even know existed.

Would you trust your vehicle to a mechanic who is not certified??
Would you go to a medical specialist who has no educational degree??
Would you use an accountant or lawyer with no education or degree??

A business Web Site should be a resource to you. It should be a Return On Investment, not a waste of money. Look to a degreed professional in Web Site Design.

Our Business is Focused on Your Business Tools for the Web

Our Web Design business is focused on you, and the business needs and problems that you need to solve. The main focus of our Web Site is to help you to make an informed decision about how to improve your business – through professional Web Design. We provide meaningful information. We talk about the needs you have and how we provide solutions for you, instead of meaningless text and diagrams about the Web Design process. Palm Web Design does not leave you saying “where's the beef ?” We know more, so we can accomplish more.

Because we gain insight and appreciation for what our client's businesses are about, we are better able to direct our expertise in customizing a Web solution that will fulfill their needs and solve those business problems. Not only does this produce the professional design that they want, it serves to propel their business forward as a competitive entity on the Web. This is an important advantage that a business needs, and it is where we begin with the skilled choices in our development process.

From the creative ideas – to the technology used, from the initial concept – to the deployment of each Web Site to the Web Server, we constantly make knowledgeable decisions that determine quality and character, functionality and performance. We use professional development tools, color selection software, and image editing applications, in making skilled choices for deciding things like: style and theme, selection of colors, and decisions in graphics and typography. The inter-relation of all of these things are a part of designing-in the look and feel of your custom designed business Web Site. Your Web Site will be functional and unique.

Whether you already know what you want in a business Web Site, or you are looking for a place to start, you have found the creative talent and the educated knowledge to put it all together for you. This means that you can come to Palm Web Design with your business needs for the Web, and be assured that we will handle the project for you – in a professional, competent, and timely manner. We are adept at helping your business to grow by providing appropriate Web Design and Web Development solutions — in ways that are unique, and custom tailored to fit your business image, style, branding, and identity.

Our Balance of Knowledge, Expertise, and Technology

Web technology is vast, and it is constantly changing and growing at a fast pace. Today there are many technologies that exist for use in the building and deploying of Web Sites. Through our education and continued learning we are on top of the current methods, standards, and the cutting edge Web technology.

But what counts is the proper application of it; none of it matters without knowing when and where to apply it – appropriately. At Palm Web Design we believe that technology isn't something for us to just follow, it is something for us to use to accomplish a given effect. It is an option, or a tool, that is chosen for a particular task or a specific solution. It is not one particular thing that we always use or push on our clients. Technology must be Understood – not Ignored, and not Misused.

Our tool box is full of an array of powerful design and development tools. Yet we rely on our skills and good judgment for our decision making in the process of designing and developing effective Web solutions for you. This allows us to use our ingenuity and creativity to achieve first-class results. The affect is leading Web Design, and a cost effective achievement for your business goals.

Our solutions are carefully considered, because they will become your business tool on the Web. It is through skillful design and knowledge of what works, and what doesn't work, that creative ideas and concepts are transformed into a reality which best serves your business needs on the Web. We are the better choice.

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