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Portfolio List Of Web Sites That Are Still Active On The Web:

Kornegay Family Dentistry

Rust Off

Magnolia Acres Victorian Garden Weddings

Open MRI Of Orlando through ProActive Media

T - Lea Farm Mountain Vacation Rental


We have taken a variety of some of the home pages from our custom layout and design concepts, and made them accessible as click-able examples that you can take a closer look at. It is important to know that with custom Web Design, you are not limited to any particular Design. General ideas can be found by looking at many different Web Sites and taking the Image, Style, Branding, and Identity of your own business into account -with what you want your Web Site to accomplish (its purpose).

The following are some examples of Web Design that we have created. Click on a Web Design example below to see it displayed. The Palm Web Design link, at the bottom of each example page, will bring you back here to the examples – as will your browser's Back button.  Enjoy!

Web Design Example 1 Web Design Example 2 Web Design Example 3
Web Design Example 4 Web Design Example 5 Web Design Example 6
Web Design Example 7 Web Design Example 8 Web Design Example 9

We believe that the best way to determine a Web Design concept, is to factor in: what your particular business is about, what makes it unique from your competition, and what style or theme are you are using in your business. This will establish a continuity in what people see between your Web Site and your business location, products, or services. Further ideas can be built upon this – toward a professional Web Design that accurately represents your business in a unique way.

Custom Design for a Web Site delivers the most accurate and scaleable way to accomplish a professional Web Design. You can add- to and modify all of the Web page elements to meet the exact representations for your business. It incorporates a more “thinking outside-of-the-box” approach, by creating customized graphics , features, and layout.

Palm Web Design has also done a lot of partnership and contract work for several other Web Designers, from Flash intro pages and Flash enabled header graphics, to Web programming, Web video, and both full and partial graphic design and Web Site Design.

Another way to determine a Web Design is to use a design template. While parts of them are customizable, many aspects of them are pre-set. This is more limiting than customized Design, but can have the advantage of saving some time and costs. We have many templates available from our link to Web Site Template Designs. We did not create them, however we are an affiliate for these design templates. They may be purchased and used if they are appropriate for your Web Site design, and representing your business.

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