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A Web Site will advertise your business name, products, or services, and do many things for your business to put you ahead and make it grow; but only if you put the investment into it – of what it takes to make it effective in today's modern and competitive business world. The Web is not like it was some time ago!

Three Things You Can Trip Over:

·Misconception of what a business Web Site is has caused more businesses to throw away their money than remaining handicapped with no Web Site at all. There are business owners who have suddenly realized that having a Web Site for their business would be a good idea. There are others who missed the mark in planning and didn't consider budgeting for Web Site Design. Too often, a common mistake they proceed with is to "rush out and get one" from whomever says they can do it. Not that putting it off will do them any good either, but there are more people that say they can design a Web Site, than there are professional Web Site Designers. A business Web Site is not just having something that you can call your own Web page.

An effective business Web Site exists to answer the needs and solve the problems of a particular business. This is done by using the knowledge and understanding of Web Design that only professionals have. Far more goes into the design of a business Web Site than what is seen in the finished product. It needs to have the look and feel of a business Web Site as much as it needs to be able to relate to the end user, provide value to them, and be functional in solving your business needs. A mere Web presence will not provide this. With business competition and consumer expectations and Web surfer habits – you have got to have more.

·Amateurs and hobbyists have crept into the business field of Web Design, looking for a quick buck, or a paid hobby. What separates them from professionals, is first of all knowing how to identify the needs and problems of someone else's business, and having a working knowledge of far more skills, talents, and technologies than they actually possess. Professional Web Site Design is much more than HTML or a cute graphic. When it comes to designing a business Web Site amateurs and hobbyists will get you no-where.

·Considering cheap over professional expertise won't do it either. No, this isn't a way of saying that we are more expensive and you should go with us anyway. We are less expensive, but we are informing you here of two more mistakes that can be made in this category alone. Cheap efforts exist in Web Design just as cheap imitations and poor designs exist in many products. If cheap is what you are after, cheap is what you will get. What good is that for fulfilling the needs and providing realistic solutions for your business? Without investing in the quality and expertise of professional Web Design, you will only have the false idea that you have a business Web Site. You will pay more in the long run, and it is difficult to take the loss and start over.

Secondly, we know that many businesses have the illusion of their own business Web Site from the "free" Web space or the " cheap" Web pages that are offered by some membership and distributorship organizations. It's nice that they offer something for your membership, but their Web service is more of a dis-service than any help! There are other reasons, but this is mainly because the member Web pages are not an actual Web Site of their own. They are contained within the Web Site of the organization. Since they are a part of that Web Site, they are not accessible by the searching public as actual Web Sites are. They are also extremely limited in their design and their functionality (or lack thereof). This type of cheap alternative does not promote your business or provide you with the business tools of having your own Web Site.

Small Or Big Doesn't Matter, A Functional And Effective Web Site Is What Matters!

The size of the Web Site doesn't matter. Small or large, it's the quality and whether it is designed to be functional and effective that counts. Web Design is also a one time investment, unlike the recurring costs of other forms of advertisement and marketing. Your choice in a Web professional will make a big difference.

The most important thing you can do is to remember what your purpose is, for wanting a Web Site in the first place. Forgetting about your business needs and the purpose of your Web Site, is a common mistake – arrived at by tripping over such things as we have informed you about. What then follows, is that you end up having a mere Web presence, and not a business Web Site. Make the investment that you need to make, anything less would be just the illusion of having your own business Web Site.

As a professional Web Design business we give you more for your money, and a focused approach, toward solving your business problems and providing for your business needs. Our expertise is Web Site Design. Make a wise decision, and contact Palm Web Design for the professional business Web Site that you need.

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