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Business Today Is Located And Visited By People Looking Online

  • Why does having a business Web Site make good sense?

That answer is becoming obvious to masses of new business owners every day. For those who don't yet know, most businesses today are on the Web. They have been using the Web as an avenue to reach and to retain new clients and customers, make their products and services known, provide information and value to people, compete with the other similar businesses, and either conduct electronic commerce over the Web or bring business to their location. Those with professional Web Design's are growing and positioning their business because a professional Web Site:

  • Presents a positive and progressive business image – on both a local and global media
  • Makes you a contender with your business competition
  • Develops an increased consumer awareness of your business products or services
  • Provides a convenient way to find your business, communicate, and do business with you
  • Promotes interactive and recurring customer relationships
  • People will think of your business when they want something in the future
  • Your business is represented 24/7 – People are on the Web all hours of the day, everyday

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Your Professional Web Site Is Your Return On Investment

  • Is a business Web Site an expense or a Return On Investment?

A modern Web Site is not just some expense for a business, it is a real Return On Investment. The Web is used extensively today for finding businesses and information. For what it can do to professionally represent your business, and for what it can provide to your clients or potential customers, your Web Site serves its purpose as a creative tool for your business. Not only is it a tool to reach and retain clients and customers, it can pay for itself in as few as one or two new clients, and continue to do so without having to pay for it all over again.

Having a professionally designed Web Site for your business will also save you money. How's that? There are actually several money saving factors that we can show you here. The biggest money saver is over advertisement costs. Considering an example of even a small but effective business Web Site Design, the investment is a few hundred to under eighthundred dollars. Annual phone book advertising starts at about the same for local yellow page ads. Printed advertising also runs the about same to higher, plus mailing and distribution costs. Newspaper advertising runs hundreds of dollars. Advertising is both a chance and a cost.

Those forms of advertising are also time sensitive and they have re-occuring expenses. A Web Site not only out-performs this, Web Design is a one time investment and it works 24/7 with no salespeople or staff. It is the most cost-effective form of advertising, and yet it is less expensive. It does much more because it is not just static print. It serves people in what they are looking for, and when they are looking for it. Web pages can easily be updated and changed. There is no minimum ordering, and no print related restrictions. Up-to-date businesses know this; they make use of professional Web Design to leverage their business goals.

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Cost Equals What Is Needed To Build A Particular Web Site

  • Budgeting and cost of a Web Site, how is it determined?

While some businesses don't worry about the small costs associated with a small or simple business Web Site, others want to know how to budget or need to approve a dollar figure or range – through their corporate structure. We provide a cost and provision proposal for every client, large or small. This provides the details of what work or services will be provided and the associated cost. It is determined in advance of the project by talking about your wants and needs for a Web Site design. It is a mutual agreement that specifies the project. We also split the payment in half, the total is not due until the project is complete and ready for use.

A Web Site is not an "off-the-shelf  item". Much consideration needs to go into the design of a business Web Site. What is the purpose of the Web Site? What business problems is it intended to solve? What business needs does it provide for, and what consumer needs will it provide for? What functionality will it have?

These are not across the board determinations, because each business itself is unique. Effective Web Sites are built accordingly. Several other factors also determine what is needed to build that particular Web Site. Such factors include: How big does the Web Site structure need to be, and how many Web pages are needed? What graphics are needed, and will they need to be created, cleaned up, or modified? What about the other elements of a Web Site? What technologies are appropriate to include? Will it need any special programming, scripting, Forms, or Server Side Includes, etc? The list goes on, but this important point is often overlooked.

There is no way to determine all of this without discussing your wants and needs, and developing a smart solution through professional expertise. It takes an actual Web Designer (not a graphic designer) to be able to accomplish this. As a general rule, the smallest and most basic of Web Sites will start at five hundred dollars. However, don't get stuck on that as a figure, as you may want or need more than the smallest and most basic in professional design, especially if you have interactivity or working forms that are included.

Beware of those who offer "cheap", as less is what you will get. Amateur Designers and hobbyists, as well as those who make claims, but take advantage, exist in the Web Design business. You need the services of a professional Web Design business to produce a professional business Web Site. That is a wise decision for a Return On Investment. Otherwise you are just wasting your time and money. Cheap won't solve your business problems or provide for your business needs. Original Web Design should be a one-time investment.

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A Web Site Is A Most Cost Effective Form Of Advertisement

  • Expectations of a business Web Site, what it is and what it is not

While making use of the Web is a wise business decision and a needed business tool in modern times, it is not a "catch-all" for moving your business foreword. It is not a get rich quick scheme and it is not an overnight success. Those false expectations have failed, although some of that mentality remains today.

It is however a most cost effective form of advertisement for small to medium sized business. It is also widely considered to be the most popular method in the way that people find business products, services, and information. This makes phone book advertising much less effective than it ever was. A Web Site is much farther reaching, longer lasting, and less costly that any other media. Plus, Web Site Design is a one time cost which is not a recurring expense like other forms of advertising. It is a powerful resource to have.

If your business is not Online – with a well thought out and functional business Web Site Design – then you are missing out on something that can grow your business, and compete with what is available to everyone; searching and doing business on the Web. Even in traditional business contacts, people now look for a Web Site address. At their convenience they can go to the business Web Site to see how progressive the company is, to find further information, or return to it as a value added resource.

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Businesses Use The Web To Reach And Retain Clients And Customers

  • How can a professional Web Site improve my business?

Today, people search for products and services online. They find businesses, and do business, by using the Web. It is largely a matter of convenience, easy access, and availability of online resources, that this is now the way people search for information, look for a particular business, or find the product or service that they want. Certainly your business improves when it can reach and retain these people as clients and customers.

Your business Web Site is a powerful business tool. Not only is your business professionally represented on the Web, it serves your business by providing things for your clients and customers in a way that no other media can. People know the Web is the most effective way to find what they are searching for. They have access to any Web Site at any-time, plus added benefits of interactivity, chosen variety, answers, and more. Such a Web Site becomes a value added resource to your current and potential clients and customers.

From your Web Site – Potential clients and customers can:

  • Find the information they are looking for
  • Become educated about your specific business, from your business
  • Be provided with extended value and support through –
      – How-To Procedures, FAQ & Answers
       – Product and Service information
       – Articles, Consumer Tips, News
       – Addresses, Maps, and Directions

And professional business Web Sites also:

  • Inspire confidence in your business –
       – People get to know about your business before making their decisions
  • Have the potential of becoming an online resource –
       – Consumers will look to for information, education, products, and services

All of this promotes your business, and it greatly increases the customer or client base that you have to draw upon – whether you have an e-commerce type of Web Site or not.

If the Web didn't work to improve business and provide a Return On Investment, it would be just a novelty and most of the businesses in today's competitive business world would not be using it. The Web has changed life for the consumer and for business.

Contact Palm Web Design for your professional Web Site Design today!

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As quoted recently from an online Pew Internet Research Center article for “Trends 2005” –

A decade of adoption: How the Internet has woven itself into American life
1/25/2005 | Report | Lee Rainie, John Horrigan

“A decade after browsers came into popular use, the Internet has reached into–and, in some cases, reshaped–just about every important realm of modern life. It has changed the way we inform ourselves, amuse ourselves, care for ourselves, educate ourselves, work, shop, bank, pray and stay in touch.

This entry is the Pew Internet Project's contribution to "Trends 2005," a publication of the newly-created Pew Research Center, a research organization that combines several analytical projects funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts. Taking a look back at adoption of the internet in the past decade, the Pew Internet Projects finds:

On a typical day at the end of 2004, some 70 million American adults logged onto the Internet to use email, get news, access government information, check out health and medical information, participate in auctions, book travel reservations, research their genealogy, gamble, seek out romantic partners, and engage in countless other activities. That represents a 37 percent increase from the 51 million Americans who were online on an average day in 2000 when the Pew Internet & American Life Project began its study of online life.”

We quoted this research article by authors Lee Rainie and John Horrigan from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, Report Release Date 1/25/2005, at the Pew Internet Web Site on the following page –

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