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Web Development is the expanding upon Web Design in order to achieve specific effects or additional features. While broad in scope, Web Development is characterized by one thing: additional programming; in order to incorporate additional technologies into working with a Web Design. A variety of things can be accomplished. This means that a Web Page can be enhanced with special effects, even beyond rollover images (changing with the mouse pointer over them). Transitions or animations can be applied without using Flash or animated Gif's. Elements on a Web Page can be changed dynamically (from user choices or user interactivity within the Page). This not only can provide interesting or distinguishing effects, in some cases it can also be a better solution. It is not often thought of, because it is going the extra mile if needed.

What can change? Lots of things, from: colors, text styles, graphics, positioning, and even visibility - to what Page loads for certain users, or the loading of a printable version of the Web Page. Current advancement in Web Technologies has made this possible. Is all this extra development necessary? No, it exists as technology that can enable you to do more with your specific Web Design, if you want it to. Not overdoing it is just as important as getting what you need. Palm Web Design believes in using technology as a tool to work for you, when it is needed in order to fulfill a purpose. What counts is the proper application of it. As we decide which technology to use and when to use it, the results will produce an appropriate Web Development solution and a professional Web Site. If you want something extra done to enhance your Web Site Design, we can help.

If a Web Page is Dynamic, user interactivity with the page is introduced.

Dynamic Development:
A few examples of what can be changed on a dynamic Web Page.
Click on the options in each row to see the Dynamic changes. These are using DHTML.
Color of the Text: Normal Blue Red
Style of the Text: Normal Larger Size Totally Different
Status of the Background: Normal "One Way" "Another Way"
Visibility of other Page Elements: Toggle
*Netscape Only
Visible Not Visible
Positioning: Normal "Over Here" "Over There"
Transition or Animation: Normal Slide Graphic To Place 1 Slide Graphic To Place 2

We Can Build Dynamic Programming Solutions For Dynamic Effects

Palm Web Design will provide the Web Development solution that you need for your type of business, and the purpose of your business Web Site. When you need a Web Development solution that represents the unique identity of your business on the Web, our custom development solutions will give you the best. We are dedicated to providing viable Web solutions to enhance your business with the appropriate Web tools that you need - for your Return On Investment. Palm Web Design offers Web Development solutions to accomplish your business goals on the Web. Contact us today to get started with the design and development of the Web Site that your business needs, for today's business on the World Wide Web.

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